Bakugou abusive parents fanfic

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Bakugou abusive parents fanfic

The whole time traveling children has me feelin some type of way tbh. Imagine Mirio, Kaminari, and Tamaki walking into their respective rooms and there are just small children vibing. Mirio with his daughter, Kaminari with a daughter and Tamaki with a son.

I thought it would be easier that way. Originally posted by miriio. Originally posted by hanae-ichihara.

Katsuki Bakugo

Originally posted by fymyheroacademia. Originally posted by vyctornikiforov. Originally posted by luna-ly. Yeah same. Hori didnt intentionally make an abusive family but slapstick gags are popular in East Asia. Also yessss I love the bnha parents meeting teachers!! On a side note, have you read the parent hostage scenario in bnha school briefs?

Yeah slapstick comedy is very popular in anime. I was actually thinking about that scenario the other day lol. Mitsuki and Masaru have been wanting to meet Fortune since the summer camp arc since they know about how she saved their son. When Aizawa came to the Bakugou house to ask for permission for their son to live on campus, he told them that their son was almost kidnapped since he felt they had a right to know. It was only fair to tell them all the facts before asking them to make such a big decision.

Obviously, in the end, they still gave their permission. They also wished they could personally thank Fortune after finding out that she was rescued a few days later. I trust Horikoshi. Considering everything he has done with the Todoroki family, it only makes sense that he would treat any other abusive relationships the same way. Anyway, back to Fortune meeting Mitsuki and Masaru.

bakugou parents

I love the idea of Fortune one day heading out cause Mitsuki asked her to come by where she works so they can talk about what Fortune has in mind for the outfit, etc. He was hoping to avoid his mother actually meeting Fortune in person, but obviously his good intentions backfired on him haha. All in all, I think it would be a very fun day XD.

He gets there in time to fight Stain, but Stain manages to get some of his blood, right from near his wrists. He licks it up and Katsuki straight up stares in disbelief as he does that, ending up getting frozen. Stain goes finish his kill, starting some monologue about purity or whatever, only to cut himself off as he gets more and more woozy. Katsuki gets released as does everyone else from the quirk as Stain loses focus, but none of them really need to do much because about 10 seconds afterwards Stain passes out from nitroglycerin poisoning.

How did he think that sort of bullshit plan was going to work out well for him??? So the new cover story had to explain that too. Later on in the AU, this actually becomes one of the reasons Tomura wanted Katsuki because he really hated Stain, and holy shit, that was the funniest possible way for Stain to go down. He still takes the regular entrance exam rather than the recommendation exam. Katsuki is determined to get into UA entirely based on his own merit.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

bakugou abusive parents fanfic

A new Cat Cafe opens up a few blocks from UA. Aizawa comes for the cats, and then falls in love with the owner. Katsuki Bakugou's home life wasn't one described as loving and when the situation came to light dadzawa and papamic are there to try and help because I like fluff and angst because someone hurt me. There are so many journeys for Katsuki to plan and his potential new sister loves adventures.

Eri likes to hug people, so throughout his recovery Bakugou receives every hug he has ever missed out and he would never admit it but if you lay a hand on Eri, He will end your entire bloodline with no trace. Basically author got this idea from a tiktok and was like wow im bored and quarantined lets make a depressing story and plan out like 40 chapter because life goals.

Your authori s also sleep deprived and is more than likely going to update between either 3 days or a week I haven't decided. Neither rooftop aerialist hears the splashes of blood falling from Kitsune's side over their harsh breaths. Neither hears the brushing fabric of Eraser's capture weapon as he readies to finally catch the vigilante. Only Eraserhead hears himself call out as Kitsune stumbles at the worst possible time clutching his side.

The pounding of one set of foot steps, the snapping of fabric, a low desperate "NO! Sometimes omegas are abused and its the Job of Alpha services to help those hurt and abused omegas find safety and recover.

Tensei has been volunteering as a service Alpha for a while and now that he's retired he can take on long cases, he just never realized that his first lot term case would be his brothers classmate Bakugo.

The camp training arc doesn't go as it should have and Katsuki really wished he stayed home.

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Secrets are out and he doesn't need any support, let alone some Alpha that's Four-eyes older brother. At least fucking Deku is having his own problems that thankfully don't involve him for once.

Eijiro hears a glass shatter against the wall in the apartment above his, and he goes to investigate. He finds a spiky-haired blond who's seemingly perpetually angry at the world, and once Eijiro starts hanging around, he begins to find out why.

Highly suggest you give that a listen before you read. Bakugo really kind of hated everyone, and his classmates were no exception. Especially that damn half-n-half bastard.

Maybe that's why Aizawa paired them together, and that little act had started what Katsuki called a horrific catastrophe of utter doom. Bakugo finds himself at Todoroki's house to work on an English project over winter break, and proceeds to meet his more than unusual brother Dabi. Bakugo seems to find himself drawn to the tattoo-covered man, who may be the one person that won't put up with Bakugo's shit.

But there's a little more to him beneath the surface, and sometimes saviors come dressed in black, and covered in blood. Older and younger siblings meet, secrets are revealed, and one very overprotective older brother goes a little overboard protecting his little bro. A hero. Were they, though? Were they really heroes? Prince Midoriya Izuku, after being diagnosed as quirkless at age 4, suffered countless beatings and other forms of abuse, with no one to help and no way to escape.Their first names?

Their hero names? Who the fuck knows? Not me! I have tried to get it as accurate as possible, though. Enjoy the read! You and Deku used to be friends! All he ever did was follow me around, that's all. Surely you would have at least seen his parents picking him up at one point? Asui, who had missed the first part of the conversation, quickly caught on to why people were bothering "King Explosion Murder" this early in the morning. It's weird for him to just avoid us like that.

As class president, it is up to me to know about all of my fellow classmate's family situations, which is why we are asking Bakugou for information. Surely Deku would have mentioned something like that…" Uraraka worriedly spoke over Bakugou, causing steam to rise out of his palms again.

Perhaps this is all a coincidence and his father just isn't interesting enough to mention. Everyone followed his gaze thoughtfully. Meanwhile, the only person in the class who was genuinely uninterested and uninvolved in the conversation raised his head as he felt multiple eyes land on him.

Midorya's daddy issues don't seem that big. Jiro sighed, wanting to just get an answer before class started. Just tell u-" "I don't know what happened to his dad, okay? I don't fucking know! Nobody knows!Katsuki Bakugou walks into the common room and he hears his girlfriend in the kitchen laughing.

Then he hears her saying something that made him jealous. Bakugou storms into the kitchen and he sees you being tickled by his rival. Both Tasaki and Midoryia stop what you're doing and you both see a very angry Bakugou coming towards the both of you. Midoryia watches as you and Bakugou leave and he hopes that you will be alright.

Oh, I am going to make damn sure that you get it through your thick skull at you are never to speak to that Damn Deku again! Please stop! You're hurting me. You and Bakugou pass by Kirishima Ejiro and he notices that you are in pain and also scared. He knew that he had to do something to protect you from your angry boyfriend. Your actions right now are so not manly. This is between me and Lili. You know my girlfriend.

Not until you calm down and let Tasaki go. Bakugou sighs and he let's go of your wrist. Feeling that you are finally free you began rubbing your bruised and very sore wrist. You look at Bakugou tears beginning to well up in your grey eyes and you also began trembling. Bakugou turns his attention towards you and he sees that tears are now streaming down your cheeks and he sees that you are also trembling which breaks his heart for he knows that it was his fault.

Story Story Writer Forum Community.

bakugou abusive parents fanfic

Lili Tasaki is Bakugou's girlfriend and something happens between them. Will Lili break up with Bakugou or will she stay with him.


On the other hand will she get back together with him. Wil their reationship survive. Alrights go to Kohei Horikoshi. I own Lili Tasaki. Please read and review. This my first My Hero Academia story so please be kind. Bakugou snapped at you. Not until you calm down and let Midoryia go! What the hell were you thinking Lili!

I never meant to hurt you. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7.Quirk: Ecokinesis Nature Manipulation: Most powerful when surrounded by trees or dirt. Limit: Her quirk is run by her feelings and energy. What ever she feels will help manipulate the amount of usage of her quirk. She placed it on her desk before Tsuyu and Ochako had decided to join in on the conversation. There was something that most girls were curious about since they had started to notice; and it was something a touchy subject for her.

Once her classmates have asked about what type of body she has, her cheeks were flushed as she waved her hands in front of her face.

Bakugou and Kirishima had happened to overhear their conversation and the girls had heard a scoff from the blond. The girls looked over, Ochako giving him a slight pout to why he was acting that way. Bakugou mentioned as he was just scrolling through his phone.

Midoriya decided to join in on the conversation by showing the girls a picture of the three childhood friends. Midoriya smiled meekly as she got up from her seat and gave him a hug. Ashido laughed at how Bakugou was so small and he growled at her, even though his cheeks said otherwise. I want to make sure to lend you some of my two pieces, to show off that beautiful body of yours. She covered her mouth to contain herself from screaming with embarrassment, Tsuyu looking out the window from their classroom.

She softly mentioned as she wiped off the sweat from her forehead. You replied stiffly before sending a small glare to Ashido. You still had your mouth slightly covered from the incident but you had started to slowly calm down. Ochako smiled at your general direction before everyone had started to go back to their seats. Once you had fully calmed down, your cheeks were slightly puffed out into a pout after remembering what Bakugou had said.

Aizawa had explained that all of the students will meet on campus and we will all travel together towards the beach. We get to spend the whole day at the beach and if we want to, we can leave after the beach closes.

This was a treat from the teachers to the student from all the hard work that they had encountered lately. After arriving to the beach, everyone nearly ran out of the bus to find their ideal spot.

Ashido was dragging you and Ochako towards the bathrooms, already rushing the both of you to get changed. She gently patted down a bit of dust away from her jean shorts before joining her friends fixing their hair in front of the mirror. She groaned from the amount of embarrassment she had already been feeling. Yaoyorozu gently placed her hand on her shoulder, giving her reassurance. She smiled at her before they all left the locker rooms.

He roared as he tried to chase after them, all spreading out in different directions. He clicked his tongue before he had stripped out of his shirt and rang out all the water.

bakugou abusive parents fanfic

Her mouth was slightly agape as she almost dropped the bottle of sunscreen on her lap. Yaoyorozu and Ochako giggled softly before bringing her back to earth. She shook her head before blushing embarrassed once again and applying some to her arms. Yaoyorozu replied with a smile and watched as she slightly struggled with embarrassment. She gently tugged her jacket closer to her body as she looked away embarrassed. I was about to go back to the spot where I had placed my belongings from but then I caught myself staring instead.

After taking off her jacket, she was unbuttoning and wiggling out of her shorts which gave me a beautiful view of her rear. I was caught off guard when someone hit me with a beach ball. I nearly growled as I took a hold of his face and blew it up.Your love and support?

Bakugou rolled his eyes at you and continued cutting onions as you watched from the counter. You know, their thing. Yoshio and you were incredibly close, probably the mother-kid bond, he thought. He heard the front door shut and sighed, running a hand through his hair.

bakugou abusive parents fanfic

Why was this so damn hard? Bakugou took off his apron and put the diced vegetables in a container to use later. All he could hear was the faint noise of the TV in the next room. Yoshio was sick so for his health, and the other kids, you had him stay home from school for the day.

As he was washing the cutting board, his phone buzzed. He groaned and wiped his hands lazily with a towel, grabbing his phone and checking who texted him. He chuckled, sending you one last text then putting his phone back in his pocket. Before he could start making his way over to the next room, he heard a quiet whine next to him. Yoshio was looking at the floor, carrying a blanket in one arm, waiting to be noticed.

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Something wrong? But on the other hand…pizza sounded great and they were both hungry. It was a win-win for everyone.

He was hesitant to let Yoshio anywhere near the stove, oven, or any knives. Or anywhere in the kitchen, really. Once when he was four, Katsuki let Yoshio stand by him as he was cutting some tomatoes. Despite all the things he did to ensure that no harm would come to Yoshio, he still managed to grab a nearby can. Katsuki noticed, but paid no attention to it.

Yoshio, being the curious child he was, wanted to know what was in the can and tried to open it with his finger.

Bakugou Is A Terrible Father (Hilarious My Hero Academia Comic Dub)

Katsuki heard his son cry out and immediately dropped what he was doing to check his son. He knew first aid he was a pro-hero, it was kind of a mustand got him cleaned up quickly enough, but it left a small dent in his finger.In which Bakugou Katsuki pisses off a young man so much that next thing you know Midoriya is taking care of him… as a child!

Bakugou Katsuki is known to be a ball of anger and mismanagement that people tend to respect due to his high intelligence and crazy power. As he walked down the streets towards his home, he encountered a child walking a dog.

He paid them no mid as he trailed on but heard the dog growl at his presence, he turned around to be met with a pissed off dog and the kid who was wearing thick black framed glasses held him back.

Cut it out! The kid fixed his glasses, golden eyes looking straight at his red ones. He turned his head slightly to his side.

You're the one that I named my dog after! Kacchan the dog barked at him angrily, taking a defensive stance in front of his owner. The kid looked unfazed. He lost consciousness. Midoriya was just arriving home after hitting the gym with Iida and Todoroki after school, he was reaching the steps when… he blinked a couple of times.

In front of his steps was a small lump, he walked carefully towards it, nestled inside the clothing, which seemed to be the UA uniform was no other than Kacchan Eventually, the small child woke up, blinking a couple times before realizing where he was. Auntie Inko?! Like that? Unconsciously Inko picked up the child with his white shirt as a cover. It's cold out and be it how it may be, Katsuki-kun is still a child for some reason," Inko then hurried in with her son behind him, after digging through some of Midoriya's old stuff, both Midoriya's looked at Bakugou in confusion, expecting him to say something since he had remained silent this whole time.

Midoriya set his eye back on Bakugou. I need to train and surpass you and now I'm stuck in this useless body of mine! Bakugou walked ahead of him and Midoriya followed behind him. At the dinner table Inko nodded and called Bakugou's mother who was too excited about the fact that her Katsuki was going to spend time with her cute Izu-chan.

Adopt and raise a cute kid script

Eventually night came around and the futon Midoriya had prepared for Bakugou was rendered useless since the small child decided to sleep on the bed. I'm in a child body and need to be more warm! Midoriya held his face along with his mother. As the two walked, Bakugou looked all over the place trying to find something.

Pick me up! She gasped. For now, head to class,".

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Class 1-A was as loud as always, Midoriya was extremely nervous and Bakugou seemed slightly nervous as well.

Recovery girl had mention that while his mind was still his age, his body made him react as a three, four-year old anyway which made him at times, weak of mind. The door opened and Midoriya walked in, Bakugou on the top of his shoulders, he needed to feel tall.

It's me! The class then paid attention to the young child on Midoriya's shoulder. I don't want this to be a distraction but this is also not a daycare," his eyes locked on Midoriya who gulped. And so, Midoriya had to carry him around… everywhere.

Once lunch hit around, Bakugou felt annoyed at the stare of Iida, Todoroki and Uraraka on him. Pissing Bakugou even more. Todoroki looked at the two crying figures by his side and back at Midoriya and Bakugou.


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