Girard rv wind sensor

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Girard rv wind sensor

Page of 45 Go. Table of Contents. Page 4: Important Reminders Inverter Power — batteries must be charged for inverter operation. Your G is usually operated using a Volt AC motor. However, some awnings are equipped with 12Volt DC motors. Your G is usually operated using a 12 Volt DC motor. Programming the Remote Control Wireless remote controls must first be programmed to your awning.

Programming is usually done at the factory and the user does not need to program his units. Using the Remote Controls G-Links hand held Remote Controls are capable of controlling several awnings and use a different communication channel for each awning. Before starting any of the installation procedures unpack the awning and inspect the product for any possible damage that may have occurred during shipping. The shape of the roof, the depth of installation, type of roof mount bracket used and all other factors should be taken into consideration when installing this product.

Items such as slide rooms, etc. Page Bracket Placement Chart 14 P a g e Page 12 Do not drill hole higher or lower than the bracket.

Lift the awning into position for installing the awning on the brackets. Ladders are usually sufficient; however, a scaffold or forklift may be used. If using a forklift use all necessary caution to protect the surface of the awning.

Additional brackets need to be located behind, and centered on the arms of each awning. Page 15 4. Hang the non-motorized awning on the mounting brackets so it aligns up to the drive shaft of the motorized awning. The slide locks should now be positioned on the brackets and should not be locked to allow awnings to slide together freely. See Fig.

girard rv wind sensor

Extend the coupled awnings. The fabric should be tight on both sides; if the motorized side is tighter, the awnings must be realigned. See note on the last page for the realignment procedure. At the juncture of the two awnings inside of the cassette are two glide angles. With the removable bracket on the right, slide the fabric onto the roller tube and roll the fabric over the TOP of the roller tube.

Page 18 NOTE: If the awnings do not align after completing step 7, release the tension on the fabric using manual override. Then go to the end of the non-motorized side and remove the side plate and the roller tube support bracket Part 15 in the manual. Pull the roller tube out of the middle insert and realign on the gudgeon or the poly cord. Page Weatherstripping Installation D. Trim weather stripping to the length of the awning and remove any overhang.By hermanmullinsJanuary 16, in Type A motorhomes.

I have replaced my Aermometer once before. Have you called Girard? I searched their website but couldn't find the cups either but they may have them. Plus they make for a good way to watch the local wild life!

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Herman, have looked everywhere and the only thing I found is "Girard" lies a lot, but then I think we all know that. Herman, I feel your pain That is a Strobe light cage for a utility truck strobe light. I don't know why you need a special cup to see if it is blowing.

Poor little thing must be all worn out by now!!! Herman, I looked at one an hour ago. There is a slot in back, turn and pull and the blade part comes off Why cant you remove the Girard all together and wire in another brand Is this the type you have now?

Or do you have the older version with what appears to be plastic utensil spoons on the spinner? That is the exact sensor I have.

As you can see there is a small nut on top and when removed you can replace the blade. The Blade is what I can't find. Ditto, I have the same one. The one I destroyed on a branch was the older version with round spoon type of blades. According to Girard the top portion is replaceable, well that was their selling point to me when mine went tumbling down I in TN. You can post now and register later.

If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor.

Upload or insert images from URL.All G-LINK Electronics products are pre-programmed at the factory to help simplify installation for manufacturers and end users. We take pride in keeping our customers happy. The reason why more RV manufacturers and RV owners choose Girard motorized, lateral arm retractable awnings is due to our quality and customer service.

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No other awning manufacturer offers more. We create automatic patio awnings, door awnings, window awnings, and slide awnings.

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Our management team and product engineers are constantly working to provide the latest and greatest innovative shade and electronic control products that add to our Girard Systems branded line of custom manufactured awnings.

We are known for having innovative product designs, superior quality, and first class rated customer service. Girard RV awnings combined with cutting edge electronic technology puts our products at the top of their class. Our customers know they are getting the best quality and service in the industry today! Sunbrella fabrics are inspired by rich color palettes, cultivated trend stories and an array of textures. Design extraordinary spaces in your home, RV and business.

Discover awning fabric collections and get inspired. Textiles are one of the most important ingredients in exceptional design providing genuine comfort and superior living spaces. These innovative products provide a viable alternative to tank hot water heaters.

With interest in technology and environmental stewardship at an all-time high, this green alternative designed to meet your needs in your coach or RV is provides a product consumers have been asking for.

Without a bulky tank you produce more storage space, and they have better longevity than most tank heaters.

Girard Products G-2000 Owner's Manual

More efficient, less space and low cost operation are just some of the benefits. If you are interested in replacing your traditional hot water heater with a Girard Tankless Water Heater. The Girard Group. We Keep You Cool! Girard Systems RV Awnings. GG Awnings. Motorized Retractable RV Awnings. Home Awnings. Perfect for The Every style, sunbrella Fabrics. Select Your Fabric.

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Girard Guard. Enjoyed as The new standard for Tire protection. Girard Guard products are designed to enhance your RV experience while protecting your investment. Sunbrella fabric enhances the look of these fashionable tire awnings that shade and protect. Increase the life of your tires by protecting them from harmful sun exposure by using our weather proof tire protection shades.

Automatic remote control operates these solar powered shades made of lightweight aluminum, with a tubular motor. It comes with a convenient carrying bag, and rechargeable motor is included. Valued as The new standard for Outside Entertainment.

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Enjoy outdoor entertainment without worry. With steel lift arms, steel box and aluminum door these sturdy boxes protect your investment. Automatic remote control, LED backlighting, optional surround sound bring convenience to your experience.Show the most recent posts.

Girard Awning Parts

Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Home Help Gallery Login Register. The low hanging tree branches got me again! Broke another cup off the Girard awning sensor and they just don't work with just 2 cups. Back to LaCrosse Technology parts store at for another replacement. The following users thanked this post: George Harwell. George H. Roland, Get one of those moss covered hanging baskets, take handle off, paint it the colar of roof, make a ring of silicone cement on roof to fix upside down basket, to act as guard.

Mine has been on for over 10 yrs protecting my wind cups!! The following users thanked this post: Mike Tomas. Paulhowell Guest. So does the cup just slide off or is there some type of set screw? I have a broken cup too and the previous owner included a brand new assembly.

It has a very small allen head set screw on it. At least on mine it does. Paul, Some of the anemometer cups have a set screw, but most of them that I have worked on are glued heat molded or epoxied to the shaft.

Therefore, I always just replace the assembly. It is a 3 minute job with 2 screws, 2 butt connectors, and a little flow grade sealant.

Bob Bulot Guest. Quote from: George H. Wall on February 26,PM. Said the model my Monterey used was no longer made. Not willing to pay that.Girard Awning Wind Sensor.

My M has a Girard Awning with a wind sensor.

girard rv wind sensor

My anemometer cups are broken off. I went to the Girard website they are located in San Clemente, CA and they show a dealer network that includes a couple of RV dealers in my part of Florida. I called North Trail in Ft.

girard rv wind sensor

Had to buy a whole new unit, they said. I inquired about buying only the cups and got a story laid on me about how why I could not just buy only the cups. Has anyone replaced theirs? Mine on the LXi didn't work. Don't know if it was the anemometer or the electronics. Since we will never leave the bus with the awning out anyway, we just cut it off and use the manual switch. No need for a remote, either. If you want my anemometer, you can have it. Maybe it will work for you. The mounting arm is broken as it had been broken off by the PO, but the cups and body are fine.

By the way, if reinstalling this, I'd certainly make a guard for it as a branch will get it sooner or later. Ron, Are you going to be at the Pine Mountain Rally? I would really like to have the cups. Thanks Ron.

Originally Posted by RonC. Jim Brookshire. I have the plastic part still good on my sensor that has bad bearings.

Still installed on my coach. Will be at WOG rally. It is yours if you want. Chances are your question has already been answered.

For example, I had the same bearing issue as Jim awhile back. Since there is no travel "gust lock", at mph plus another for the inevitable headwind those bearings get a workout. A couple months ago my birdie was relegated to a bin that holds all the other unnecessary parts I'm saving for the next owner of this coach. Last edited by NoGas; at PM. Reason: Added link. I think Van is thinking as I am. I didn't trust the wind retract when it worked.

Wind Sensor Replacement for Girard Awnings

So I just don't leave with the awing out. It just takes a finger on the remote to extend and retract -- even a lazy old retired guy like me can use a finger. Originally Posted by Jim Brookshire.

Originally Posted by rrueckwald.


Attached Files photo 1. All times are GMT Post a Comment. Girard Awning Parts - you're will also be to give the advantages time organize interior residence you're with better.

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Many thanks. Read Also : Girard Awning Parts Girard Awning Parts Thus article that is able to us convey and admin arrange many thanks for the visit on the blog we are. To obtain the info latest, you could view more Girard Awning Parts.

How to Install a Girard GSWH-2 in an RV

Good, thus a range information variety of the concept of dwelling can we show. I hope the blog this useful as well as could so references. So thank you. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Yahoo Message Number: We got caught in a hailstorm at Lake Tahoe a couple weeks ago and it broke me awning wind sensor off the top of my roof. I'm not having much luck finding a replacement. Any ideas where I can find one? Dan 06 Intrigue Yahoo Message Number: Dan, Who made the awning?

Have you checked with them? Don Seager Allure Yahoo Message Number: Dan I found a replacement for mine. Call me Dan Allure Yahoo Message Number: Hey, Dan, let the rest of us know too, please. Jack Nichols, Intrigue Yahoo Message Number: Girard makes the sensor. Jw 06 inspire The wind sensor anometer was stamped with the name Somfy.

The Somfy tech staff stated and their website does not show any such item for an RV. They said it is possible that there was a special order made up for Carefree. A Somfy sister company us. I got mine from a awning installer who was putting a automatic awning on my house and he had the item on his shelf. I did not price the item from SIMU.

girard rv wind sensor

I carefully pulled the old sensor off the shaft and pushed the new sensor on. Hope this helps Dan Allure Yahoo Message Number: Thanks Dan for taking the time to research the details for my wind sensor. I do have a Carefree, not a Girard. If I understood you correctly, you "pulled your old sensor off the shaft and pushed the new one on". Mine didn't have a shaft, just two wires poking out a hole.

Thanks to everyone else for responding.


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