Land plats south carolina

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Land plats south carolina

One of the best ways to study local history in general, and your family in particular, is to create a map of your ancestors' land and its relationship to the surrounding community. Making a plat from a land description may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple once you learn how. To plat a tract of land in metes and bounds bearings -- draw the land on paper the way the surveyor originally did -- you only need a few simple tools:.

Land Platting Made Easy

To begin a land platting project it helps to have a transcription or copy of the deed that you can mark up as you identify the metes corners or descriptive markers and bounds boundary lines from the legal land description. For this purpose, it isn't necessary to transcribe the entire deed, but be sure to include the entire legal land description, as well as a citation to the original deed.

From "Land Office Patents, Highlight the calls - lines including direction, distance and adjoining neighbors and corners physical description, including neighbors on your transcription or copy. Land platting experts Patricia Law Hatcher and Mary McCampbell Bell suggest to their students that they underline the lines, circle the corners, and use a wavy line for meanders.

Once you've identified the calls and corners on your deed or land grant, create a chart or list of the calls for easy reference.

Check off each line or corner on the photocopy as you work to help prevent errors. This list should always begin with a corner the beginning point in the deed and alternate corner, line, corner, line:. Some genealogists plot in inches and others in millimeters. It is really a matter of personal preference. If you need to match your plat to a specific map drawn to a different scale, such as an old county mapor if the distances on the deed are not given in rods, poles or perches, you'll need to calculate your specific scale in order to create a plat.

First, look at your map for a scale in the form of 1:xYou can use this scale to calculate your "divide by" number in either millimeters or inches. In most cases, you can use the previously mentioned USGS map scales chart to determine the map scale. Then return to the previous step.

land plats south carolina

Draw a solid dot at one of the points on your graph paper and mark it "beginning," along with any specific description details included in your deed. In our example, this would include "lightwood post, Stephenson corner.

Make sure that the point you choose allows room for the tract to develop as it is plotted by looking over the direction of the longest distances.

In the example we're plotting here, the first line is the longest, running poles in a northeasterly direction, so choose a starting spot on your graph paper that allows plenty of room both above and to the right.

This is also a good point to add source information on the deed, grant or patent to your page, along with your name and today's date.

land plats south carolina

Place the center of your surveyor's compass or protractor on a vertical North-South line through your beginning point, with North at the top. If you're using a semicircular protractor, the rounded side should face the east or west direction of your call.

From this point, move your pencil in the second direction named in the call usually East or West until you reach the degree mark named in the deed. Make a tick mark. Now, measure along your ruler the distance you calculated for this line the number of millimeters or inches that you calculated based on the poles back in Step 4. Make a dot at that distance point, and then draw a line along the ruler's straight edge connecting your beginning point to that distance point.

land plats south carolina

Place your compass or protractor on the new point that you just created in Step 6 and repeat the process, determining the course and direction to find and plot the next line and corner point. Continue repeating this step for each line and corner in your deed until you return to the beginning point. When everything goes right, the last line of your plot should return you to the point on your graph where you began. If this happens, recheck your work to make sure that you got all of the distances properly converted to scale, and all of the measurements and angles graphed correctly.

If things still don't match up, don't worry about it too much. Surveys weren't always precise. Often you will encounter "missing" lines or incomplete information in your deeds. Generally, you have two choices: 1 to guess or approximate the missing information or 2 to determine the missing details from surrounding plats.Each is quite legible and includes a scale drawing of the property, dimensions, bearings, ground features, identification of neighboring landholders, if any, and the name of the stream on which it bordered.

The drawings were copied, cut out, and then placed in position with respect to known neighbors.

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In this way it was possible to assemble groups of properties with the lots in proper relationship to each other, and to show a clearly defined course for the stream on which they were situated. Unfortunately, it was not possible to connect all of the plats with neighbors, but several large groupings were assembled. The final step in the process was to copy the plats xerographically, while at the same time reducing them to the scale of the U.

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Geological Survey topographical maps of the areaThe copies were made as transparencies. Since each plat, or group of plats, could be oriented with respect to the compass, It was possible to match most of the groups with the corresponding stream course on the topographical map.

The process was quite successful for the settlements along Hard Labor Creek, Cuffeetown Creek and Horsepen Creek, although in the latter instance it appears that a major change has taken place in the location of the stream bed. But In the south, on the branches of Turkey Creek, there was very little success, due either to substantial changes in the streams or their names.

View the four groups of land plats at the following links: 1. Also Weiser and Wilhelm. Palatine Land Grants on Cuffeetown Creek, Five mi. Near Bradley, S.Copyright Notice All images and text held on this website are copyrighted by I. Marc Carlson, unless specifically cited otherwise.

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This is a compilation of his, and other people's, research. The non-commercial use of these images and text is encouraged, and does not require explicit written permission from I. Marc Carlson [include the latest date on the copyright note on the page you pulled the material from]. I have not granted permission for any of the text or images on this site to be considered a part of the 'Public Domain'.

If anyone finds my material on other web sites or as part of a collection of web clip art, and does not indicate the above copyright statement, that material has been used without my permission, and I would greatly appreciate being notified of that use.

The copyright law of the United States United States Code Title 17 governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material, including but not limited to downloading, printing, and performance i.

The Berne Convention, of which the United States is a signatory, governs the making of reproductions of copyrighted material internationally. Note: these are based on transcriptions of materials collected. That means that these are prone to normal human error.

If your records differ, or if you have copies of census data that reflect different information, please let me know. He hath cleared himself of the said ship as appears by Messrs Austin and Laurence Certificate of the same. This plat of acres was situated as laying in the forks between the Broad and Saludy Rivers, on a branch of Cannon Creek. It was butting and bounding to the NE part of some vacant landpart on land laid out by Nicholas Weis, and part laid out on land to George Pfister to the SW; part on land laid out to Jacob Kortz, and part left vacant, and to the NW on vacant land and both of such shape and size and form as the said plat represents.

Colonial Plats or Surveys of South Carolina, v. Shown on later adj.

Island Land for Sale in South Carolina, Seller Financed

John Michael LaGrone b. Proof of this being Adam Laurenz LaGrone's son has not been established, not found so far. Grady cites Deed I, which suggests that this is a misinterpretation.

This was sold 24 Apr Select a Recorder to begin your search. South Carolina is divided into 46 recorder districts with an elected or appointed Recorder or Clerk responsible for each office.

Documents related to the ownership of real estate within the county are recorded at either the Recorder of Deeds Office, or the Clerk of Courts Office depending on the county. Recorded documents are assigned a sequential identifying number known as the reel and page number and are then scanned into the county office's computer system.

South Carolina – County Registers of Deeds

The resulting images are available for viewing and printing from public access terminals at the county office. In addition, all Recorder, or Clerk offices retain microfilm of all recorded documents as permanent, historical records. In most cases, original documents are returned to the land owner. To assist customers in finding relevant documents, county offices create a searchable index that contains the names of all parties to a document and a short legal property description.

All rights reserved. Real Property Official Records Search.You are NOT on the recorder's website, you are on Deeds. Recorder information for South Carolina. Real property records are maintained by the recorder in the County where the property is located. South Carolina is a race-notice state. This means that the first person recording the title to a particular piece of land is considered to be the landowner. It is imperative that you record the deed as soon as possible.

South Carolina – Colonial Maps, Plats, Surveys, and Plans

A plat has no time limit unless the property is being subdivided for sale. However, to have the parcel correctly taxed and prevent any future discrepancies with boundary lines, all plats should be recorded.

A deed changes the ownership, but a plat only outlines the property. Real estate deeds that transfer property in South Carolina can be recorded to provide constructive notice of the transfer. In most cases deed documents are recorded in the County where the property is situated. Address of grantee required by statute on all real estate deeds for recording.

All deeds, conveyances, and instruments that are required by law to be recorded, are valid so as to affect the rights of subsequent creditors or purchasers for valuable consideration without notice, only from the time they are recorded in the proper county.

In the case of a subsequent purchaser of real estate, or in the case of a subsequent lien creditor on real estate for valuable consideration without notice, the instrument evidencing the subsequent conveyance or lien must be filed for record in order for its holder to claim as a subsequent creditor or purchaser for value without notice, and the priority is determined by time of filing. No possession of real property described in any instrument of writing required by law to be recorded shall operate as notice of such instrument.

Actual notice will be deemed and held sufficient to supply the place of registration only when such notice is of the instrument itself or of its nature and purport. In order to be recorded, an instrument must be acknowledged or proved according to law.

An instrument can be 1 acknowledged or proved by the affidavit of a subscribing witness to the instrument, taken before an officer in the state who is authorized to administer oaths; or 2 signed and acknowledged by the grantor in the presence of two witnesses, taken before an officer in the state who is authorized to administer oaths. The mailing address of the grantee must be included in the instrument.

The clerk of court will not record a deed or mortgage unless it contains a derivation clause as required; provided, however a deed or mortgage may be recorded without such clause upon a showing that is satisfactory to the clerk of court that the necessary information for the derivation clause was not available.

Before a deed conveying real property, including timber deeds, timber leases, and contracts of conveyance of timber can be recorded, it must be endorsed by the county auditor that it has been entered of record in his office. When any deed conveying or creating an interest in real property refers to the boundaries, metes, courses, or distances of such real estate delineated, the deed should state the office, book, and page of the recording of such plat or blueprint.

When any real property used as a hazardous waste storage or disposal facility permitted by the South Carolina Code of Laws is sold, conveyed, leased, or transferred in any manner, the deed or instrument of transfer should contain the following phrase in the legal description, in the same size type as the rest of the instrument: "The real property conveyed or transferred by this instrument has previously been used as a storage or disposal facility for hazardous wastes.

Nothing on this website should be considered a substitute for the advice of an attorney.

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South Carolina Recorders. BoxFairlawn, OH My Account.Land Records Management Section assists local governments in establishing standards for the indexing and electronic access and storage of vital land records involved in real property transactions. The Section provides expertise in the creation and improvement of large-scale county maps and record-keeping procedures with an emphasis on computerization.

Local governments wishing to modernize and standardize their land records receive technical assistance from the Section in seven major areas:. The Section is also responsible for maintaining the municipal annexation maps and ordinances, municipal charter amendments, and county boundary maps that are required to be filed with the Department of the Secretary of State. Request support or submit a suggestion, we will get back to you via email or phone. Helena St.

James St. Begin Date. End Date. Frequently Asked Questions. Certified Mapper Qualifications. Land Records Management Advisory Committee.

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Administrative Code. What We Do. Email landrecords sosnc. Telephone Fax How can we make this page better for you? Hide user feedback form Request Support Request support or submit a suggestion, we will get back to you via email or phone. Get Started.Edgefield County maps are available in a variety of printed and digital formats to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional printed county plat book, historical plat maps or highly attributed GIS parcel data map with boundaries and ID Number, we have the most up-to-date parcel information available.

Edgefield County, South Carolina source information varies according to county record availability. Many of the products contain land ownership data for larger parcels only while others contain data for all parcels including highly desirable parcel identification numbers PINs as well as address, census, zip code, zoning and land use information.

See South Carolina County Map. Compare Digital Products. Select products or editions Products Editions. View Online Book. Select a Year Year Quantity Price Licensing: [? Therefore, a license is required to scan, view, modify, print, copy and digitally retain this data for personal and business applications.

Please contact our Licensing Manager at ex. Do you need to make copies or scans? All Rights Reserved. Year Quantity Price. Licensing: [?


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